Autism in Infants

Symptoms of Autism in Infants & Children You can characterize the types of autism spectrum disorders by looking at your child’s social interaction skills and developments. If your autistic child faces difficulties in interaction with other children of his age or has significant speech disorder...

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Main Symptoms of Autism

Main Symptoms of Autism – Medications Available There are medicines for treating the main symptoms of autism. But most medicines work effectively when used with a combination of therapeutic intervention. Medicines are preferably meant to be administered as a complement to different autism treatments and intervention...

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Autism Treatment and Symptoms

Autism Treatment and Symptoms Autism treatment and symptoms are unique, from children and adults suffering from autism. That is why it is increasingly important that for each case a different technique of treatment should be administered. Each treatment and intervention plan must be tailored to...

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Parents Guide to Autism

A Parents Guide to Autism – Get Involved There are a plethora of intervention techniques which are useful as a parents guide to autism. However, as much it is important to help your child get better, it is also important that you take care of yourself as...

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders People suffering from autism spectrum disorders are known to respond differently to treatment due to varying symptoms. That is why autism is known to be a spectrum disorder. Every child/ adult who has this spectrum disorder will display different symptoms, different abilities...

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Autism Prognosis

Autism Prognosis & Treatment If you know about autism then you probably know that there is no cure developed for the complete treatment. Clinical laboratories are busy zeroing in on one, it could still be a couple of years when you could see a autism...

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Autism Tips

autism tips

Autism Tips – Provide Your Child Structure and Safety Acquiring in-depth knowledge about the effects, causes and symptoms of autism will considerably help you in getting more deeply involved with your child’s therapy. It is important that parents take an active part in their child’s...

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Autism Diagnosis

autism diagnosis

Autism Diagnosis and Treatment What is Autism? Autism is a disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate and relate with other people around them. This disability is developmental and incurable; it can only be managed through early and effective intervention, both medical and emotional....

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Autism Symptoms

autism symptoms

Autism Symptoms – What Should Parents Look Out for in Infants, Toddlers and Children As a loving and caring parent you would never want your little angel to have any sort of problem. However, when it comes to developmental disabilities such as autism, it is...

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